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With marketeers often managing multiple channels within their campaigns simultaneously it can be difficult to master each - and perfecting social media tone, Adwords performance, event attendance and print performance all whilst orchestrating the campaign is no mean feat! Handing components of a campaign over to the specialists therefore can yield stronger results and improve final performance. As print specialists we aim to use our role in this process to offer a number of value-adds that help marketeers gain the optimum result from the print component of their campaign.

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What Your Printer Should Deliver

At a basic level all printers should be capable of delivering under a tight turnaround time, be dependable and well priced. At the other end of the scale personal delivery of items that won’t make it in time with the post and lending of their resource to meet your demand constitute going the extra mile. But what of in-between the value-adds that can intuitively help bring your campaigns perform up a notch?

Value-Adds That Can Help Boost Marketing Performance

Below we list 8 print value-adds and how each can boost marketing performance:

  1. Free Samples - Do you know your RGB format from your CMYK or PMS? A free sample can highlight anything in the initial design work sent through to the printer that can impact final printed product and make it look less professional
  2. Face to Face Meetings - Meetings with your supplier will often yield new ideas and prevent potential mistakes occurring from the outset
  3. Influence - By taking in the specialist input of your printer you can often add touches not previously considered such as personalisation, different specifications or imagery that improve the overall performance of the final piece produced
  4. Quality - Print is one area where quality is easy to spot. Quality level can be ascertained through testimonials, service level, professionalism and any free samples of the desired design as mentioned above. A high quality product will be received well by the final target audience
  5. Green Credentials - Scanplus is a member of Two Sides organisation - more of which you can learn about here. Printers that clearly demonstrate their environmental efforts are allowed to display the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) on client’s printed items to show commitment to the cause and send the right message to the target audience. Using this facility can be a great way to enhance performance and demonstrate the responsibility of your organisation
  6. Service Level - With a representative you are able to contact at any time, you can often make incremental improvements that result in eventual better performance
  7. Mailing - By offering a mailing facility in-house marketeers can save time and expense, turning whole campaigns around more quickly. This is particularly relevant in direct mailing campaigns which formed 29% of retail marketeer’s primary marketing in 2015
  8. Equipment - By using the best equipment for the job you are making an extra assurance of quality and performance for the final product. Look for a Plant List to ensure your printer’s properly equipped to deliver the best finish for you


Taking on the advice and resource of your printer can give valuable access to their expertise. For modern marketeers looking to lighten the load, the above value-adds can spell top performance with minimal effort.

eGuide2 blankbackground 4Learn more about how to appraise your printer to find a supplier with the skills and know-how to get the most out of your print campaign in our free eGuide: Marketing for Print - Your Printer Appraisal Guide.